Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i am reading other blogs and just surfN around some, reminds me how nice it is to keep in touch with our BUSY lives. it's nice to read words that inspire from another mom. it's nice to see a neighbor went to the park & shared a photo. it's nice to see a friend take a trip and tell me about it. it's nice to read of another heartache, soul-searching or down moments....we all pick ourselves up and keep going!

it's nice to share
it's nice to read...

i vow to get back into my blog & be a better blog buddy :)

it's been hard lately

....but we are hanging in there!

short "one-liners":
babies have strep, summer ICk!
Babies are 3 & 4 now
i want more!
cede is driving
gregory is off to camp for a week
i work during the day now, too
hannah is A soccer princess
the BIG girls are firends & hang out lots
summer is here
the garden is planted
trying to feel better most days
trying to get healthyR :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

love note:

YOU ARE my world !
UR love makes my world spin, & keeps me going

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

our environment- we need help

more & more
need to get a better gas car, would be a start
use coupons more now
trade/sell books
don't print much
do the whole lightbulb thing...
hmmm, pondering more ways
made donation for clean water today
been saving for first pair of TOMS shoes

Friday, February 26, 2010

~~happy new year~~

i am behind, i know.
life has hit me hard for a while now
i keep picking myself up
remind myself it's day by day
keep going for other things are more important for now...but i did want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!
wishing y-o-u 365 new beginnings this year :)

some positive thoughts that help me, "God. Grace. Grateful"
"Life- to live with integrity." That is hard because other people's perceptions but to live with intention. to make a purpose then, that i think i can do & maybe will thus be a person of integrity.
"be happy!".... I wish you ~ my friends & family~ well! no matter where your path takes you, i will keep you close at heart & in my prayers

another moment

today- ava wouldn't go play unless i came 2. so, she game up playtime with grandma! sweet girl, i was trying to get her out in the sunshine for the 3minutes it's out.....lol
i am sick and she hasn't left my side. from watching me when i sleep to asking if i'm okay when i cough to sleeping only next to me. i remember when my mom was sick i'd sit at the doorway n near the edge of the bed just to be close to her then i'd peak up over the edge of the bed to see her.

p.s. she usually coughs with me, so i figure we're "2 peas in a pod" right now! :) thankfully she hasn't gotten strep or worse like the rest of the family (knock on wood!!!)

p.p.s weather report says more snow on Sunday, goodness! brrrr

mom moment

yesterday- let me think, how did it go....lyla walked up to ava and said, "hi lyla" [NORMAL since she calls her lyla ALL the time, we think she will be traumtiZed to learn her sister's name is Ava]:)
ava replies" No Lyla! my name is Goober, say hi Goober"
lyla had no reply....

...BUT the family thinks that is funny because that is one of her nick-names around here :)